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Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar: A History of Economics Podcast

Dec 15, 2018

Co-hosts Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Gerardo Serra, and Scott Scheall summarize and discuss several recent contributions to the scholarly literature in the history of economic thought. Topics include the funding practices of the Ford Foundation in 1960s Latin America, as well as the continuing relevance of both the socialist calculation and Hayek-Keynes debates to contemporary economics and, especially, economic policymaking. 

If you are inclined to read the papers discussed in this episode, here they are (unfortunately, some may be behind paywalls): 

Patrick Iber - "Social Science, Cultural Imperialism, and the Ford Foundation in Latin America in the 1960s"

Richard Sutch - "Reading Keynes at the Zero Lower Bound: The Great Depression, The Liquidity Trap, and Unconventional Policy"

Thomas Uebel - "Calculation in Kind and Substantive Rationality: Neurath, Weber, Kapp"

Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar is supported by a grant from the History of Economics Society: